Art Direction Question about Moulin Rouge, The Adventure of Robin Hood, and Blade Runner Explain the effect of the lighting, location, soundstage, costume design on the time period, location, character and tone on the three following movies: Moulin Rouge, The Adventure of Robin Hood, and Blade Runner

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In each of the films mentioned, some of their distinct strengths lie in the creation of another world through technical merit.  "Moulin Rouge" has to recreate the Parisian artistic night life of the early 20th Century.  It does this through lighting and set design which allows the viewer to actually perceive a world that has passed.  The illuminated hues of Paris nightlife are supplanted by a sense of dark forboding in the future for Ridley Scott's work.   "Blade Runner" accomplished much of the this through the use of lighting and soundstage construction helps one envision a future setting.  In recreating "Robin Hood," the use of locations along with set creation allows the viewer to feel they are back in Knottingham.

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