Who has the best idea or advice to find an Argument for evaluation?I have asked to write an argument evaluation for any topic.Also, I have asked to evaluate an argument of 100-300 words. The...

Who has the best idea or advice to find an Argument for evaluation?

I have asked to write an argument evaluation for

any topic.Also, I have asked to evaluate an argument

of 100-300 words. The argument I'm going to evaluate

must be published recently, that is, September 1st,

2012 or after. But I have no idea what topic should

I look for and where should I go for it. Who has

the best idea or advice? thanks .

Expert Answers
carol-davis eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Argumentative topics are issues that have two sides. Most of the time the topics will be controversial.

Here are some topics that would be considered argumentative:

  • gun control; war; cloning; sex education; smoking in public; gender discrimination; presidential election.

Of course, there are a hundreds more than these few; however, these are the common topics that one will find articles about right now.

Look at any news magazine--Time, Newsweek, U.S. News--to find an article that deals with an argumentative topic.  Some articles in those magazines would be too long, but there are also short articles as well.  Those magazines are also on the internet and will offer short articles which can be read on line.

The newspaper is another source for short articles on topics.  Many of them have websites that can be sourced on line, i.e., NY Times.  Look at the web site called Buzzle because it has argumentative topics and short articles for college students.

Remember that an argumentative article should present a claim or thesis that it supports with proof and evidence.  It cannot just be an article that informs the reader. 

The American presidential election affords the reader the most articles right now.  Look for one that supports either President Obama or Governor Romney.  Be sure that the article clearly chooses one or the other and lists reasons why that candidate should be chosen. 

Here is a potential website to look at articles that might be appropriate for to use. 


dkaye eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Check out the two presidential and one vice presidential debate for the upcoming election.  One of the benefits of watching and listening to a debate as opposed to, say, reading an article or website, is that you get to see how the other side reacts to an argument.  That way, you can evaluate the potential holes in the argument with the help of an expert.

For example, in last night's debate, one of the big issues was immigration reform.  Gov. Romney supports a technique he and others call "self-deportation"--in other words, making life very difficult for undocumented immigrants so that they will leave by themselves, and therefore American taxpayers don't have to pay for government officials to find and deport them.  Obama, on the other hand, has been a strong supporter of the DREAM Act, which would have given a path to citizenship for young people brought to the country by their parents as children, as long as they behave morally and legally and serve in the American military and/or graduate from an American university.  If you watch the debate, you can see how each responded to the other's arguments.

tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maybe you could look in your student newspaper, student website, or student government offices to find out what issues are hot topics at your college today (or this semester). Sometimes it is easier to discuss something that is closer to home than a topic that is international or even national. If it's got to be quick (100-300 words) and easy, I'd look more on a local level for community or school topics. For sure, newspapers and student or community blogs would have short blurbs for you to analyze and use.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is an election year!  Does your argument have to be an editorial?  Can it be a blog?  There are many options out there.  Consider California's initiative to ban the death penalty.  There's a hot-button issue.   I have attached an article that has links to other articles with different views on the topic.