The area (A) of a circle is a function of its radius (r) and is given by the function A = f(r) = πr2. What is the domain of this function?

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gsarora17 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The domain of a function is the set of input or argument values for which the function is real and defined.

Given : The function A `f(r)=pi*r^2`

The set of all possible input values for the radius will be the domain of the function.

The domain is the set of all real numbers r such that r `>` 0


Domain D : (0,`oo` )



vkinard | Student

The domain is the set of values that can be put into a function, usually x values. but in this case r values.  So you should be thinking, "What values is r allowed to be?"

So, since we are considering a circle, and the radius r is a distance on that circle, r cannot be a negative value or 0.  No other limitations are given to the problem, so you can make the radius as big as you would like.  So the domain is `0<r<oo or D:(0,oo).`