Are there any similarities between the society of Fahrenheit 451 and our world today?  

Some similarities between the society of Fahrenheit 451 and our world today are that technology is more advanced and prevalent, and that people are less inclined to read substantial books. In Fahrenheit 451, reading is criminalized, while articles online in our present society have become shorter to accommodate shorter attention spans.

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It's been said that dystopian authors are prophets. This sentiment rings true for someone like Ray Bradbury. Publishing Fahrenheit 451 in the 50s, Bradbury spoke to a future he'd never see and made a lot of accurate connections to our current world.

For example, the technology we see in the novel directly connects to our world today. Seashell earbuds are wireless earbuds, the parlor walls are flat-screen SMART TVs, and the doorbells and security systems in each person's home reflect systems you can purchase today. What's truly remarkable about Bradbury's work is that the only technological advance of his time he could speak to was the newly invented black and white TV!

Another aspect of the novel that connects to our society is reading. In a conversation with Montag, Beatty reveals that people chose to forgo reading. Debates were happening, critics were worse than ever, and the solution became condensing main ideas and news into shorter and shorter articles and segments. He also mentions...

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