Are there any more reasons for Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters not to tell the men that they have discovered Mrs. Wright's motive for killing her husband in Trifles?

The reason Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters hide the evidence is that they empathize with Mrs. Wright and feel obligated to protect a fellow woman. The women also feel guilty for not helping Mrs. Wright when she needed it the most. They also hide the evidence because they fear the men will dismiss their findings as insignificant "trifles."

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In Susan Glaspell's play Trifles, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters discover several significant pieces of evidence, which establish Mrs. Wright's motive to kill her husband. While the men are searching the property, both women discover Mrs. Wright's broken birdcage and her deceased canary wrapped inside her sewing box. After finding the dead canary, Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters recognize that Mrs. Wright killed her husband out of revenge. They also understand that Mrs. Wright experienced a difficult marriage and was abused by her callous husband. Although the women find evidence that would be used to convict Mrs. Wright in a court of law, they refrain from telling the men about their significant findings and hide the important evidence.

There are several plausible reasons as to why Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters do not inform the men about the evidence they discovered. The women recognize their subservient status and understand that the men would more than likely dismiss their findings as mere...

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