Are there any conflicts in A Doll's House caused by money other than the problem between Krogstad-Nora and Nora-Helmer?

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This is a very interesting question. Initially, one might indeed be tempted to think that the only conflicts arising because of money in this play are the conflict between Nils Krogstad and Nora Helmer, as well as the conflict between Nora and Torvald Helmer. However, when looking at Henrik Ibsen’s play A Doll’s House in more depth, one can see that these are not the only conflicts brought upon, at least to some extent, by money.

The first example of a further conflict caused by money is the relationship between Kristine Linde and Nils Krogstad. We find out in the play that Kristine Linde and Nils Krogstad once were in a relationship. We learn that Kristine left Nils for financial reasons: Nils did not have much money at the time, and Kristine needed money in order to take care of her family. Therefore, Kristine decided to end her relationship with Nils Krogstad, and instead she proceeded to marry a rich man. Ironically, when her husband died, Kristine found herself again without money, hence her hope that Torvald Helmer might be able to help her by finding her work.

Another example could be a conflict between Dr. Rank and his father: Dr. Rank suffers from a disease he inherited from his father. His father had contracted the disease through one of his many affairs: “his father was a frightful creature who kept mistresses.” We can infer from this line that Dr. Rank’s father was not poor, as money enabled him to lead a lifestyle of leisure and pleasure. One could therefore conclude that money is the culprit here, too: without money, Dr. Rank’s father would not have been able to keep mistresses, and therefore he might not have caught the disease, which he then passed on to his son. Whilst this conflict is not developed further in the play, we can at least get a glimpse of a conflict between Dr. Rank and his father, which was caused by money: Dr. Rank speaks very critical of his father, describing him as immoral and blaming him for his disease.

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