Are superpowers physically, genetically, or mentally possible?

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It depends on what you mean by superpowers. If you are thinking about flying liking Superman, it may not be possible physically, genetically or mentally. We are not likely to see a Superman, Hulk or Thor anytime soon. Similarly, no superpowers such as telepathy, cross-dimensional awareness, fire breath, telekinesis or teleportation are possible. 

Having said that, there are always some people who are more intelligent than others, faster than others or have heightened senses as compared to others. If you can think of intellect, speed, etc., as powers, then there are always some people endowed with these. Whether we can increase these and other human capabilities through medication, genetic changes or other means is questionable. There are always claims that a certain diet or medication can increase brain power or memory, yet their claims cannot be verified.

We may be able to enhance some human capabilities by genetic engineering in the future, but the type of superpowers that we see in comics and movies are not yet conceivable. (If it is of some respite, Batman and Ironman are super heroes, and are simply a product of advanced gadgets. Though, many will not consider their abilities as superpowers).


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