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Are professional athletes (NFL, MLB, NBL) violent? If yes, why and how?

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The violence rate among professional athletes is an interesting case study to examine. Professional athletes, especially those who play in the National Football League (NFL), have significantly more violence in their workplace than the average human. The physical contact abuses their brains, and the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) are not yet widely known. It’s very possible that a CTE diagnosis makes a human more prone to violence. CTE affects NFL players more than any other group of professional athletes.

The violence rate among professional athletes does not deviate from the violence rate for their age group and demographic. That’s to say, when compared to other men of the same age group, race, and geographic demographic, professional athletes are not more violent than their peers.

However, the poverty rate of professional athletes is zero. When comparing professional athletes to other men within their income demographic, they have a significantly higher violence rate.

The other consideration is how famous these men are. The media covers their lives extensively, so a few high-profile, violent individuals who happen to be athletes will draw disproportionally high media coverage, which can affect how the public perceives professional athletes as a whole. Some specific examples of individuals like this include Aaron Hernandez, Ray Rice, and Greg Hardy.

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