What is an example of a beautiful poem from Arabic poetry?

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Keep in mind that, using the cliche, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Therefore, it is very easy for some to find beauty in things which others do not.

One of the beautiful things about Arabic poetry is the fact that it is meant to be heard, not read. The movement of the Arabic poetry functions as a medium. The rhyme and rhythm of the poetry creates a musical sound.

One example of an Arabic poem which offers both a beautiful sound and message was written by Kahlil Gibran in his book The Prophet.

Examples of the poems which speak to the musical and beautiful language of the Arabic poet are: "Love," "Children," "Friendship," and "Prayer."

Nothing speaks more to the importance and influence of a poet than to be critiqued by another poet. Adrienne Rich, an American poet, wrote on the beauty and truth presented in Arabic poetry.

Rich explains the beauty of an Arabic poem even when it deals with the crushing aspects of war.

Poem[s] moves from invocation through rich and allusive imagery into symbolic narrative, from delicacy to machismo, from a "high" poetic tone to colloquialism and dialogue. For all its declamatory intensity, it’s highly layered and textured, requiring the many notes provided for the Anglophone reader, as if T.S. Eliot and Amiri Baraka had spent a long night together.

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