Which of the following is an accurate comparison of WWI and the War of 1812?  Please see below for options. The War of 1812 and World War One were similar in that both wars the United States... A) Adopted a national policy of military conscription B) Won a decisive victory after the peace treaty had been signed C) Proposed a world organization to promote peace at the end of the war D) Vigorously defended the traditional interpretation of neutral rights E) Signed a treaty alliance with France after an initial period of neutrality

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The best answer here is D.  Both of these wars can be said to have been about the rights of neutrals.

In the years before the War of 1812, the US wanted to be able to trade with both the British and the French who were at war with each other.  One reason they went to war was because the British were trying to stop them from trading with France.  After WWI began, the Germans used submarines to blockade England.  This violated laws that said that neutral ships had the right to trade with belligerent nations so long as they were not carrying military supplies.  The US went to war with Germany in part to protect the rights of neutrals.  Therefore, D is the best answer.

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