In April, with the help of Mrs. Baker, what job does Kawalski and Associates get instead of Hoodhood and Associates?

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The job that Kowalski and Associates got instead of Hoodhood and Associates is the renovation project of Yankee Stadium.  I would like to make a small clarification though.  Kowalski and Associates was awarded the contract in May, not April.  

During April, Holling went to opening day at Yankee Stadium.  After the game, a few of the Yankees recognized Holling and his friends from earlier in the story.  The boys got to play some catch with the Yankee players on Yankee field.  It must have been amazing.  That's hallowed ground that they got to touch.  The Yankee players also recognized Mrs. Baker from having run in the Olympics.  Long story short, Mrs. Baker stayed later in order to talk to one of the heads of the Yankee organization about the renovation project.  The reader never does find out what Mrs. Baker said during that meeting, but by the very next month, Kowlaski and Associates was awarded the renovation contract.  Mr. Hoodhood is quite upset, because it makes his contract to redo the junior high school look quite meager.  

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