April has £x and June has £20 They add what they have together and share it equally April now has £4 more than she started with How much did April have to start with

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lemjay eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, get the total amount that April and June have.


Sine they share the equally, divide the total amount by 2.

So now each of them has:

`April = (x+20)/2`

`J u n e =(x+20)/2`  

Since April share now is 4 more than she previously has, set her share equal to x+4.


Then, use this equation to solve for value of x.


` `




Hence, the original amount that April has is 12 pounds.

chhavy | Student

Kindly Ignore the answer i posted earlier:

Amount April has = x

Amount June has = 20

Together they have = x + 20

Sharing the total amount equally means, 

New amount April has = New Amount June has = 

Also according to the question:

New amount April has = 4 + x

`=> 20 - 8 = 2x - x`

`=> 12 = x`

`=> x = 12`

Thus April Started with amount = 12