Approximately how long ago did the Neolithic Revolution begin?

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The Neolithic Revolution began something like 12,000 years ago.  We cannot be completely sure, but we believe that it began somewhere around the year 10,000 BCE.

The Neolithic Revolution is the name given to the time when human beings started farming.  Before this time, all humans lived as hunter-gatherers.  In the Neolithic Revolution, they gradually moved to an economic system in which they purposely raised food through agriculture.  This is called the “Neolithic” because people were still using stone tools (“lithic” means having to do with stone) but they were using these tools in a new (“neo”) way.  They were now using tools to plant, raise, and store crops. 

This is seen as a revolution because it allowed civilization to begin.  As people started to farm, they were able to produce more food in a given area of land.  That allowed larger populations to live together in one place, which was a prerequisite for the creation of complex societies and civilization