Is it appropriate that the pigs take control?

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I agree with the 5th post here in that the pigs had no right to take control of the farm. 

Participating in the governance of the farm is entirely appropriate for the pigs as is the act of generating ideas and presenting them to a vote. Appointing leadership is fine in the circumstances of socialism, but the assignment of control to one person or group is not appropriate at all. 

The idea of equality is central to the philosophy of the revolution. 

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It is not appropriate for anyone to take control of Manor Farm because the society which the old Major wanted established was to be a socialist one.  However, as is typical of human nature and animal nature, as well, the stronger and smarter control the others.  So, in this respect, it is logical that the pigs, highly intelligent animals that they are who have taught themselves to read, gain control of the others, especially the herd animals such as the sheep.  Further, pigs are extremely powerful physically, so they can dominate in this sense, as well.

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I think that it makes sense for the pigs to gain control.  From the earliest points of the novel, the pigs are more adept and skilled at understanding the implications of Animalism.  They are sitting in the front of of Old Major during his speech, hanging on his every word.  They are the first animals to start the spreading of the Animalism philosophy and to understand how to govern in the wake of the revolution.  Their ability to read and to understand how literacy plays a role in governing makes them the most appropriate choice for assuming power in the absence of political leadership.  In the end, I think that while the pigs end up abusing their position of political power, it makes sense and is appropriate that they would assume the political leadership on the farm.  I am not entirely certain the ends to which Napoleon and Squealer went to in order to maintain their power was appropriate.  Yet, I believe that it made sense and was entirely appropriate for them to become the political leaders on the farm and exercise political authority.

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