How important are good abs for attracting the opposite sex?My friends and i want to know, how important are abs. Like i dont want to seem self centered and egotistical but are they important on...

How important are good abs for attracting the opposite sex?

My friends and i want to know, how important are abs. Like i dont want to seem self centered and egotistical but are they important on getting guys. Like should girls have 6 packs and should guys have 8 packs. I know i do but still.  Plus, its it wroung for a young person to have them. Like a 10 year old with them. THANKS!!!!!!!!!! 

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I don't think abs are all that important when it comes to attracting the opposite sex, especially in regards to women. There are definitely other parts of the body that are more visible and noticeable. Of course as you get older, you'll realize that none of the physical stuff is as important as you once thought.

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If the kind of girl you are seeking is so shallow that great abs are the most important aspect she seeks in a boy, then I guess it's pretty important to work on that six pack. Hopefully, your other attributes will make up for any less-than-perfect physical deficiencies, and you will seek a girl who is attracted to YOU and not just your stomach.

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By the number of advertisements on TV claiming to be able to give people rock hard abs with little work, obviously someone likes them. But they are not the be all end all that commercials have made us think they are. Just stay fit and be physically active and healthy, the rest will take care of itself.

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This is one of those instances where it depends on the gender of the person.  Typically guys aren't all that interested in defined abs, but they do appreciate a slender torso.  Girls, on the other hand, seem to be much more interested in defined abs.

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First of all, the idea of having or obtaining "good abs" as some sort of accomplishment or measurement of athleticism is a myth.  Everyone has abs.  Those whose abs are most visible are the ones with the least amount of body fat on their stomachs.  This is why it is not only common, but pretty easy for a ten year old to have visible abs.  You can see the abs on most skinny kids.

Some people are genetically predisposed to having very low body weight and among these, there are those who are lucky to keep trim waste lines even when they do gain weight in other areas. 

Young men tend to have less fat on their stomachs than women and far more high school boys can boast of "6 packs" or "8 packs" than high school girls, usually without trying to obtain them.  I suppose when a girl claims she's attracted to nice abs, she's admitting she is attracted to men who, like previous posters have stated, are fit and thin.

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Although having a firm body with a reasonable amount of muscle is very healthy, most boys are attracted to girls who have a shape that is a bit more feminine. Humans are naturally on the lookout for partners whose bodies indicate health and potential fertility. That means healthy skin, a reasonable weight, healthy hair, and a smile are attractive to everyone, as is a friendly personality.

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It seems unlikely to me that you really need that kind of abs to attract the opposite sex.  It is likely that most attractions will form at places like school where no one is going to see your abs.  Besides, if only people who had abs like that got boyfriends/girlfriends, there would be a lot of lonely people because it's not as if everyone can have abs like that.

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Should a girl have a six pack? If she does should she hide it or flaunt by wearing bikinis and crop tops?

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