To what extent would you agree with the statement, "The appeal of Shakespeare's Hamlet lies primarily in the complex nature of the play's central character Hamlet"?

Expert Answers
Chase Burns eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hamlet is arguably the most complex male character in the English canon. His soliloquies are complicated and filled with contradictions. He is as motivated as he is contemplative. It is hard to deny that he is a difficult character. However, the main appeal of the play comes from Hamlet's interactions with the many levels and systems that exist within the play. Hamlet, on his own, is not the main appeal of the play. Instead, it is Hamlet's interactions with the other characters and situations that have enchantled audiences and readers for centuries.

There are many moving parts in the play that take hold of Hamlet. On a system level, the country has damaged foreign relationships which threaten to harm the country and its citizens. On a familial level, Hamlet has fractured relationships with his mother. Personally, Hamlet is conflicted and often lashing out. Hamlet's interactions and exchanges with these levels are what engage us.