'Apocalypse' how can construct a topic sentance of Aplcalysehelp me construct a topic sentence and gv some supporting sentence and supporting detail on that topic sentence

badrlaw | Student

The apocalypse is an interesting topic which could provide you with several different avenues for discussion. 

First, you could discuss the fact that most mythologies/religions have an apocalypse-type event.  In Norse mythology this was called the Ragnarok, the final battle between the gods and their godlike monster counterparts.  In Christianity, the "End of Days" is spoken of in the bible, I believe in Revelations.  Islam speaks of the "Day of Judgment" which is not strictly a "fire and brimstone" type event when cataclysm envelopes the world, but is, nonetheless, the end of the human world.  Hinduism (which I am not very familiar with at all) seems to have the "Kali Age" in which humans will be exceedingly evil and at the end of which, humanity will inevitably be destroyed.  There are many more.

Second, you could simply compare and contrast the many diverse Armageddon myths and belief systems (from Christianity's "rapture" where the holy people immediately ascend to Heaven, leaving the sinful to suffer on earth, to the Norse Ragnarok when the souls of departed warriors charge out to die again in a glorious battle that they know they can’t win). 

Also, you could discuss why it is that human beings seem fascinated with prophesying their own doom (even very learned and rational people were worried about Y2K and the annihilation of the global economy due to a computer programming error.) 

Finally, you could discuss the human reaction to modern day doomsday prophecies (I personally respond with unabashed disbelief - tomorrow, May 21, 2012, is yet another supposed "end of the world" day, so you could completely ignore this topic, make peace with your gods, and go party until the world inevitably doesn't end.)  Or you could discuss the Mayan-calendar-based 2012 doomsday (December 21, 2012, I think) and examine how people are preparing for it (from stockpiling food and water, a wise precaution if Hurricane Katrina is any indication, all the way to building massive bomb shelters in the mountains of Spain).

Whatever you choose to do and however deep you choose to go, there is tremendous variety and potential in this topic.