Apart from avoiding sexual contacts , sharing needles  or recieving blood transfusions from infected person, what is the best way to prevent hepatitis, Explain?

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This is a slightly complicated question, because there are different forms of hepatitis. According to the International Hepatitis foundation, there are five types of Hepatitis. Hepatitis A - E.

In view of this, the first step is to get vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B. There are effective vaccinations for these two forms. So, it is best to get these shots as soon as possible, if you are not vaccinated.

Unfortunately, there is no vaccination for Hepatitis C. Hepatitis D and E are very rare. The most obvious step that you can take apart from practicing safe sex and not sharing needles is to use your common sense. If you are traveling to place that is not sanitary, watch what you eat, do not share food or drinks, frequently wash your hands, and try to stay away from crowded areas.

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Hepatitus can also be spread through saliva, so watch who you kiss and who you share your drinks with!

The best way to prevent infection is to just always be aware of the disease and how it can be spread.