AP Teaching StrategiesI am looking for specific suggestions to give my English 11 AP students regarding strategies for reading Faulkner's As I Lay Dying.

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It depends on what your objective for the study of the novel is. It is always best to choose a set of objectives first. One of my favorite strategies is Socratic seminars. I have my students write questions as they read (I use Bloom's Taxonomy to teach them higher order thinking). Sometimes there is a specific theme or point of analysis they are focusing on, and sometimes it's general. We gather in a circle and I hand out poker chips to regulate the number of turns they can take. We use a ball as a discussion prop. I do not participate in the discussion, but I do record and evaluate their responses and they are assigned a grade based on the quality of their questions, the number of times they respond and the quality of their responses.
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Have them focus on the language each character uses.  It is so distinct that even if the chapters were not labeled with the characters' names, students should be ablet to detect the owner of the voice by the diction, the syntax, and thought processes.  This is a great book to focus on voice, also.  Voice is so hard for students to get, but this book is rich in it.