Does anyone write a letter in Chapters 5-6 in The Outsiders book?

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In Chapter 5, Pony and Johnny find themselves on the run after Johnny kills Bob, a Soc, in the act of defending Pony. Both boys hide out at an abandoned church in Windrixville.

Eventually, another Greaser, Dally Winston, comes by to check on Johnny and Pony. When Pony first sets eyes on Dally, his first questions are about his brothers, Darry and Sodapop, and whether the police are still after them. Dally puts off Pony's questions by suggesting that all of them get some breakfast first. He assures them that it's safe to go out because the police think that the boys are heading to Texas.

However, before they leave, Dally presents a letter to Pony: it's from Pony's brother, Sodapop. Sodapop is pretty worried about Pony and has included half his paycheck with the letter. In the letter, Sodapop admits that he and Darry took it badly when Pony ran off. He confesses that Darry greatly regretted hitting Pony, and both older brothers were pretty concerned when both Johnny and Pony turned up missing after Bob's killing.

Sodapop writes that he and Darry were questioned by the police and that they told the police everything they could. He confesses that he can't believe Johnny could kill anyone. In all, Sodapop says that Darry is beside himself because he doesn't know where Pony is, and Dally won't tell him. Sodapop really wants Pony and Johnny to turn themselves in but understands that they cannot do so; turning themselves in would get Johnny in trouble for killing Bob. Here, we get a glimpse of what the Greasers think of the law: they don't have much faith that the law will deal fairly with a Greaser who comes from the impoverished East side of town.

Sodapop ends the letter by telling Pony that he and Johnny have become famous and that there's even a paragraph about them in the newspaper. After reading the letter, Dally takes Pony and Johnny to a Dairy Queen; there, Pony orders a Pepsi, and both boys gorge themselves with barbecue sandwiches and banana splits. During their conversation, Dally surprises both boys when he confides to them that the Greasers now have a spy working for them: Cherry Valence, the female Soc they met at the drive-in movie theater.

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