Does anyone know if there is an audio version of Nothing but the Truth? My students would really benefit from hearing each character speaking in a different voice. I can only make up so many!

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I found this book on Audible. I believe you have to install Audible on the computer before playing the audio book though. The link below will take you to the site. There might be a way to change it to an MP3 in iTunes. You might want to try that route.

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If you're looking for an audio version of Avi's Nothing But the Truth, I recommend running a search through (a database which searches the contents of the country's libraries) to see if there is an audio CD available at your local library. Please refer to the link below. Under the "Find a copy in the library" bar, you will see a search bar labeled "Enter your location." Type in your zip code to this bar to see if your library has the audio CD in stock.

Nothing but the Truth was recorded as an audio CD in 2007, so there are definitely copies out there; that being said, when teaching this book, I have also found it effective to just have the students read it out loud themselves. It's a much more interactive way of engaging with the material. 

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What is the link?


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