In The Kite Runner, what would be some good quotes on redemption?   I'm doing a Literary Analysis on The Kite Runner.  I decided to do it on the theme of redemption.  I'm thinking of focusing on Amir's quest for redemption.  However, I need quotes. Anyone know good quotes about redemption in the book?

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The novel is basically the story of Amir's attempt to redeem himself after betraying his childhood friend and half-brother (as he later learns) Hassan. The early chapters of the novel recount the tragedy in which Amir abandoned Hassan to abuse instead of helping to stop it. Later chapters show Amir's attempts to return to Afghanistan and make up for his wrongs by rescuing Hassan's son Sohrab.

Due to this narrative structure, most of the quotes explicitly about redemption will be found later in the book. However, the first chapter introduces Amir's objective when Rahim Khan calls to tell him, "There is a way to be good again " (2). Amir recognizes that when Rahim calls him, what is truly reaching out is his "past of unatoned sins" (1). Amir must then go back in time to narrate the story of his sins before he can shows us how he will try to redeem himself. A couple of scenes stand out as evidence of Amir's redemption. One is the fight scene with Assef, who is now a Taliban leader. Assef is...

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