How can I get help for a detailed study of Chesapeake by Michener, maybe with some practice questions?

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While Enotes does not yet have a detailed Study Guide published, there are some sources here on this site that a student can use. For instance, the Homework Help can be accessed, where there are questions and answers, the Salem on Literature, which provide summaries and insight into Michener's novel.

In addition to these sources, Enotes provides access to the resource of the reference works of Contemporary Literary Criticisms, a source of professional essays on Michener and his novel. In one essay, for example, Pearl K. Bell [] praises the detailed historical background that Michener provides his readers with this and others of his books:

...his plots are braced with a solid rigging of expert knowledge about the history, archeology, religion, language, geology, wildlife, agriculture, and specialized social and economic lore of the particular region …

Links to all these Contemporary Literary Criticism resources, critical essays written about James Michener, are provided below. (Check back with this site as a more detailed Study Guide may soon be available.)

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Questions about Michener's novel of settlement in Chesapeake--beginning with the settlement of the area by the Susquehannock tribe to the three European families that came after them--can be answered by posting them as public questions here on eNotes. Along with helpful answers to study from, you will have access to eNotes study resources.

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