Any tips for writing a good essay? I usually struggle with writing term papers and essays, and I've never gotten any good grades on them... So I would like to hear what everyone does to write a fine quality essay. Please share your ideas and thoughts :)

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The best advice I ever received about writing was given to an English I class many, many years ago. The teacher advised the students to do some writing every day, and she gave an assignment to write one hundred words a day on any subject in a diary or a journal. We had to show our work to the teacher from time to time just to prove we were keeping up with the assignment. I found that I enjoyed keeping a journal and that it became easier and easier to write the minimum daily quota of 100 words as I continued doing it. In order to become a good writer, you have to keep writiing on a regular basis. It doesn't matter much what you write about. Then when you are faced with an essay assignment or an essay-type of test in class, writiing doesn't seem like something weird and difficult but something quite familiar. You will have already worked through some of the problems of spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and you will have at least started to develop a style of your own. I highly recommend that you start keeping a diary (or journal) and promise yourself that you will write at least a hundred words a day on any subject or subjects you choose. If you miss a day or two, just go back to the minimum daily quota.


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There are a few rules that I always go by:

  • explore/express/focus on one idea per paragraph
  • try to follow a claim - evidence - analysis format, so that each paragraph presents new information that is part of an argument.

Above all, it is important to make sure that your essay is both attempting to make an argument and actually proving the point.

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My best advice for writing a good essay is to focus first on writing a strong thesis, a sentence that clearly states what you are trying to say.  Then work on strong support for your thesis, with text if possible.  Then you can work on making your essay more interesting, clearer and less formulaic.

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In order to write a great paper, you need three elements: a thesis, strong supporting points, and a conclusion.

The first part of a successful paper is to have a good thesis. A thesis is the main point of your paper. Moreover, a thesis is debatable. So, if you are writing on the environment, then a good thesis is that there is global warming due to fossil fuels.

The second part of the paper is the supporting points. So, in this section what you want to do is to support your thesis. Tell the reads why your thesis is a good one.

Finally, you need a conclusion. This is the part of the paper where you wrap things up and tell readers why they should consider and even believe in your thesis.

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