Any tips to control sleep?Any tips to control sleep?

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I have had the most success getting up at around the same time, within an hour or so, every day.  I really resisted this idea at first, even though I get bad insomnia sometimes.  However, I sleep better, fall asleep faster, and feel healthier.  When I sleep in on days off, I actually feel worse.  I am also more productive this way!

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How to control sleep?

In a day a human being should have 6 to 8 hours of sleep. Controlling sleep is important for person who has too much of sleep which may cause heart problems later. Distraction, thinking about something too much, drinking coffee, self control or self determination, listening music, walking for couple of minutes during your work hours, drink water, wash face when you fall a sleep, talk to someone for couple of minutes etc ...... These are performed when you are about to fall a sleep.

Too much of sleep and too less sleep is harmful for the health so think wise before you try to attempt anything.

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Try not to be overstimulated before bedtime. Try to exercise earlier in the day. Avoid coffee and tea and sodas that contain caffeine late in the day. Shut off computers, television and try to relax and rest. Make sure the temperature in the room is comfortable. Don't drink too much before bed or it will interrupt your sleep if you wake up to use the bathroom. Good luck.

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One tip for getting a better sleep each night is to maintain regular sleeping and waking hours. This is often easier to achieve during the work week. However, we tend to get out of this regular pattern on weekends and long weekends. Therefore, to have healthier sleeps, try to maintain this regularity even on these weekends.

Another tip for controlling your sleep is to make sure your bed is comfortable - and your sheets and pillows. If you use sleepwear, make sure they are comfortable as well. 

A third tip for getting a better sleep is to avoid caffeine products as you get closer to your bedtime hour. You don't need anything in your system that will 'rev up your motor' so-to-speak and have you tossing and turning.

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According to my doctor in order to get a good night's sleep, it must be quiet, dark, and comfortable. If it is hot or cold in the room, this will hinder going to sleep.    The sleeper must not drink caffeine after 6:00 p.m., nor eat anything that might weigh heavy on the digestive system.  If sleep does not come immediately, the doctor suggests taking tylenol p.m. which does not give you a drugged feeling in the morning. 

If you get the good night's sleep, a person should not be sleepy during the day if he is busy.  However, if at noon, he eats a heavy meal then at about 2:00 p.m.,  the body will want to nap.  Drink something with caffeine in it to perk up.

Unless there is a medical problem or medication is being taken that causes drowsiness, then following the doctor's suggestions should help in controlling sleep. Hope this helps.

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Sleep is the natural state of unconsciousness incurred by most animals and humans whereby their conscious voluntary body processes are greatly reduced.  It is an opportunity for the physical body to recharge its self, from the nervous system to the muscular system.  The first tip to getting a good nights sleep is to have a regular waking time and a regular time to go to sleep at night.  The body has a certain rhythm, called circadian rhythm, that it recognizes as time to "power down" and time to "power up".  Another tip would be to make sure you aren't experiencing sleep apnea.  This is a condition where the throat muscles relax too much and close off the windpipe, restricting air flow.  A diagnostic night in a qualified sleep center will be able to tell you if you have sleep apnea or not.  When my wife was diagnosed, she was waking her self up every minute and a half, so she did not ever get to the really deep stages of sleep.  And the last tip, if you still struggle going to sleep, there are sleep aids readily available over-the-counter at most drug and grocery stores.  These aids contain the active ingredient in Benadryl that makes a person sleepy.  I use one; it is exactly what I need to help me have a decent nights rest.

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Sleeping is good. But a person should not sleep more than 9 hours in a day. If he does so, he will become very idle and will not do any work. I sleep 6 hours a day, and I don't like to sleep.


To control sleep,

               You need to be busy  but if you feel sleepy, have a bath..

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You could definitely control your own sleep! By going to sleep early (getting your eight hours of sleep) Your body would eventually get use to this routine so you won't have difficulties to sleep. If you sleep late everyday and than all of a sudden you want to sleep early you won't be able to control your sleep because your body will be use to sleeping late I'll take a while for your body to get the NEW routine, but while getting use to it is not a nice feeling. I've been through that stage. Just remember sleeping is the thing we do the most while living and is very important.