Any suggestions how to update preprinted material?Hello all.  I want to amend some of my last year’s assignment and exam papers so I can use them again this year after making updates.  Any...

Any suggestions how to update preprinted material?

Hello all.  I want to amend some of my last year’s assignment and exam papers so I can use them again this year after making updates.  Any suggestions how to update preprinted material?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To be honest with you, the suggestion I have will sound tedious at first, but in the long run, I think you will be happy if you do it.  I suggest you convert all of your paper files to hard copies on something digital (ie: Word documents saved to your computer and a flash drive).  The use of a scanner might be helpful, but if it were me (and it once was), I would be far more satisfied by re-creating everything from scratch.

I say this for two reasons.  During my 2nd year of teaching a nearby high school burned to the ground.  The teachers who had been teaching the longest (naturally) lost the most material.  The newer teachers had created most of their lessons from scratch and saved them to their hard drives.  It opened my eyes in a number of ways.  I realized how valuable it was to back everything up (electronically).  I also realized how easy it is to get stuck in a "photo-copy" rut and fail to update lessons when you do not have digital copies.  Kudos to you for your plan to update!

In addition to the more permanent storage electronic copies provide, you will also find that you can (and will) take old lessons and make them more personal for each class.  Of course updating exam and quiz questions every year is a good idea simply to eliminate the potential for cheating.  But I also have found that if I can bring specific details from class discussion into future lessons (not just exams), my students really love knowing that I'm keeping current.  It makes everyone (including myself) work harder.

This might be a bit of a process.  My final piece of advice is to ask a former student (one who really likes you) if he or she would be willing to help you with the process.  If you have a "student aid" during a class this could be a great ongoing project, especially if that student is working for a credit and a grade.  You might be surprised to find out just how many students would love to help you in this project for free.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The best way to do it is to scan it and cut out parts, cutting and pasting it into a new document. The other alternative is to make new photocopies. You can physically cut and paste new printed material on top of the old copy and make new copies. I have done this many times.
lsborasqwe | Student

Yes, you can scan them and then upload your assignment papers to convert to word  online at & then edit with changes.

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