Any suggestions on how to outline the Marshall Plan for a history paper?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I assume from your question that you are trying to write an entire paper on the Marshall Plan and are trying to figure out what to say.  If so, here are the main points I would make:

  • What was the Marshall Plan?  Give a brief definition of the plan, perhaps telling how much aid was given and to which countries.  You might also talk about what form the aid was in.  I would try to give the dollar amounts in today's money so they have more meaning.
  • Why was the Marshall Plan created and implemented?  I would look at the ideas of rebuilding Europe and of containing communism.  I would look also at the fact that the US offerred aid to the communist bloc but was refused.  I might discuss whether that offer was sincere.
  • What impact did the Marshall Plan have?  I would look at this as a factor in creating the alliance between the US and the countries that got the aid.

I hope that gives you a starting point...

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