Any suggestions for bringing Evelina into the twenty-first century by blogging?

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator
There are a few different ways to work with the book Evelina in the context of blogging. One idea is to create a blog as though you were Evelina herself. The posts could describe different incidents from the book from Evelina's perspective. The blog could chronicle the plot of the novel, going deep into Evelina's psyche. It could work as a fictional diary counterpart to the book. Another idea is to concentrate on the author, Frances Burney. The blog could be written from her perspective. This would also be a fictional diary of sorts. In the posts, the fictional Frances (i.e. you) could clarify why she decided to give Evelina and other characters certain traits, or why she decided on certain plot developments and surprises. One final idea is to adopt the voice of a minor character in the tradition of the literary spin-off. The books Wicked and Wide Sargasso Sea, did this well. For example, the blog could be written from the perspective of Lord Orville (Evelina's friend and rescuer), or Madam Duval, (Evelina's unsophisticated grandmother). This would give you an opportunity to explore themes and characters from a different perspective than that given in the novel.
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