Any suggestions about how teens are effected by violent video games and TV? Does these thing influence thier behavior?How does exposure to media influence the manner in which adolescents develop?...

Any suggestions about how teens are effected by violent video games and TV? Does these thing influence thier behavior?

How does exposure to media influence the manner in which adolescents develop? Using your readings and professional experiences explain this impact. For example, is there evidence that adolescents are influenced to engage in risky behavior by being exposed to images of such behavior? Use references and examples from the media (film, books, video, or music) to support your statements.

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not willing to do any research for this discussion (sorry), but of course research has been done.  What I know from my teaching and "aunt" experience is simple:  repetitious viewing of violent images, in whatever form, doesn't  make  adolescents better. It doesn't make anyone better, for that matter.

What is to gained by such viewing?  I have, of course, seen probably an average amount of violence in movies, on the news, and on TV.  Doing so maybe hasn't made my life worse, but I can think of nothing that's better because of it.  Perhaps a case can be made that seeing violence helps one be prepared and more aware of safety, but I can get that same outcome by reading (not viewing) the front page of the newspaper on a regular basis.

The research is what it is; common sense says that even if the effects of viewing violence on a regular or consistent basis aren't outrageously bad, they certainly aren't good.



kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This really depends on who you ask and whether you believe that the studies that have been conducted are effective or not.  There are studies that have shown both, that young people are effected by the pervasive violence and other risky behaviors shown on tv and that they are not.

There are many studies which do show that the number of violent or sexual acts shown on television have increased, but making a link between this increase and actual behavior is extremely difficult and has not been done conclusively.

One issue that people point to that has been definitely defined are the changes in behavior that result simply from not being as active and passively being entertained.

There are many pediatricians and child health professionals who believe that particularly young children should limit their tv viewing as they aren't sure how it afects their brains at a young age.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The primary answer that can be given to such a question is to consult the "readings and professional experiences" that are present.  I think that your answer has to make references to these particular elements.  Not knowing what these are and what they conclude makes answering this question difficult for everyone except for you.  I would probably survey these readings and note these professional experiences and judge for yourself what they conclude about the correlation between teens and violent media.  Obviously, the prompt presumes that the course content has a direct answer or some type of response and being able to synthesize your own voice into this content will allow you to successfully answer this question.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Young children may repeat the violence they see in video games without realizing what it is, but many people think that teenagers know better. However people are creatures of habit, and people of any age can get used to behaviors and thoughts that will spill over into real life.
kc4u | Student

Adolescence is the most crucial, vulnerable period in the growth of a young boy or girl. Teenagers are definitely most susceptible to changes, especially on the mental/psychological level. Audio-visual media do exercise a lot of influence on the adolescent mind. Video games are another obsession and a potential threat for the fast changing adolescent mind.

Seeing highly fantastic violent encunters on the monitor for hours together is sure to affect the young mind. Films, advertisements and other programmes showing violent or bizarre activities, stunts of sorts, commodification of female body, emphases of sexual aggression and the like being telecast in the channels are bound to misguide the teen-age minds to potentially threatening virtual realities.

It may not be possible to establish the link between such shows of violence and the juvenile behavior pattern for certain, but the negative impact is undeniable. Many cases have been reported in the media itself where young boys/girls have brought about disasters while imitating dangerous moves as displayed in films and advertisements.