What are similarities between Leonato from Much Ado about Nothing and Joseph Strorm from The Chrysalids?I need to know any similarities between these two characters.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Leonato from Much Ado about Nothing and Joseph Strorm from The Chrysalids are in most regards complete opposites of each other. Leonato, a governor and well-versed in diplomacy and courtesy to people with opinions and positions differing from his, is gifted in kindness and generosity. For example, Leonato showers care and attention on the soldiers he has invited into his home.

Joseph Strorm, on the other hand, though a community leader of a similar caliber as Leonato, is a hard ungiving, unyielding man whose mission in life is to squelch anything and everything that does not accord with his opinions, views and positions on matters. He does nothing for anyone else's comfort but rather acts always with an eye to enforcing the code of nondeviation.

Where Leonato has a sense of humor, Strorm has cold calculation. Where Leonato has a glass of wine and a kind word or gesture for all, Strorm has physical discipline and remonstrance for all. However, on the day that Leonato learns that it is believed that Hero was seen in a scandalous situation compromising of her virtue and her right to marry Claudio, Leonato puts the code of family and female honor before everything else and delivers an angry speech of denunciation.

This point marks a similarity to Strorm in that both men are now seen as those who uphold the code they give allegiance to without looking for facts, rationale, or right-mindedness. However in the end their differences reappear again as Leonato repents his error and regains his cordiality, whereas Strorm remains the same, unyielding, unseeing, and hardhearted, to his death.  A comparison of their similarities is a difficult one to make.

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