Is there any relation between the French Revolution and Indian independence??

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The French Revolution began in 1789.  India gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1947.  Clearly, there is not any close relationship between the two.  It is, however, possible to argue that there is some sort of relationship.  You can say that the French Revolution helped to bring about the idea that democracy is the proper form of government and that people should be nationalistic.  These ideas could have helped to bring about Indian independence.

The French Revolution was one factor that helped make people believe in democracy.  After the revolution, democratic ideas spread to other countries. For example, the revolution in Haiti was inspired in part by the French Revolution. We could argue that democratic ideas spread because of the French Revolution, grew over time, and eventually helped lead to Indian independence.

The French Revolution also helped to create the idea of nationalism.  One aspect of nationalism is the idea that each group of people should be able to rule itself.  The idea of nationalism helped to bring about such things as the unification of Germany and the unification of Italy long after the French Revolution.  The idea of nationalism also helped lead Indians to want to rule themselves.  Since the French Revolution helped create the idea of nationalism, we can say that it helped bring about India’s independence.