Any information about " Work in the Field" for paulo coelho?

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Brazilian born author Paulo Coelho was a journalist, playwright and lyricist prior to becoming a popular author in the late 1980s and 1990s. His style is described as philosophical, spiritual and poetic. Coelho has become a widely read and extremely popular best selling author. One would not have thought that he could do so given that his parents so discouraged him in his younger years that they had him committed psychologically for electro-shock therapy. 

Work in the Field is a short passage in a book by Coelho, Manual of the Warrior, which he wrote as if it were an actual manual for a warrior. In it are proverbs, excerpts from major religious writings, his own philosophy and other short passages. Such is Work in the Field. It is in a section called The Stories of the Desert Priests and is said to be from the teachings of priests at the monastery of Scete.
The passage is just about ten lines long and similar to a proverb. In it a young man comes to the monastery and hears the Abbott speak of work. The young man learns that both prayer and work are required to live a worthwhile life.