Explain if any of the important issues that are explored in Lysistrata resolved.

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I would say that there is some level of resolution in Aristophanes' work.  The very idea that it concludes as a comedy indicates that the important issues are resolved.  Thanks to Lysistrata's actions, the warring men have stopped, women have asserted their own power, and there is resolution reached between both genders.   The men walk off with the women.  They sign a treaty to stop the war.  The women have demonstrated that their power is real and quite tangible as they have risen against the men, articulated their point of view and even repelled the rebellion that briefly appeared.  The comedy concludes on a note that indicates that the important issues are resolved. It is in this element where I think that the comedy does demonstrate that the important issues presented can be and are resolved.  Through the comedy, Aristophanes is suggesting that seemingly impossible issues such as war, gender differences, and the suffering that is a part of the classical society can be overcome.  It is in this where the comic element in the drama does seek to resolve the issues in the drama.


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