Any ideas of the sort of relationhip between george and lennie? Already have included the fear figure, the fact they both need each other.The quote "we kinda look after each other" Got to analize ?

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

George and Lennie have become like family. Even though Lennie is aggravating and often frustrates George, he has become as a family member to George. The two comfort one another. George is protective of Lennie. Lennie trusts George and he tries to obey George. George feels responsible for Lennie's actions:

George is essentially a good man. Throughout the novel, he is loyal and committed to Lennie. In fact, George takes complete responsibility for Lennie.

George had promised Lennie's aunt that he would take care of Lennie. He often yells at Lennie, but, deep in his heart, he cares about Lennie:

George had promised Lennie's aunt that he would look out for Lennie, and although George complains about having to take care of him, their friendship gives George someone with whom he can share his dream.

Lennie asks George to repeat the dream of buying their own home one day. George gives in to Lennie and repeats the dream of how they will buy a home and a have rabbits and a garden. Lennie loves to hear the dream. George pacifies Lennie with a repeat of telling the story of how they will buy a home and have rabbits and a garden.

Lennie depends on George. George preps Lennie on how to behave. Lennie tries his best to follow instructions. Lennie just does not realize his own strength. Lennie is too strong for his own good.

No doubt, George loves Lennie. They are company one for the other. George does feel responsible for Lennie's actions. When Lennie accidentally kills Curley's wife, George knows he must save Lennie from possibly hanging. As difficult as it is, George shoots Lennie to protect him from Curley who would abuse Lennie.

George is lost without Lennie:

Without Lennie, George is friendless and alone. While their partnership lasts, George and Lennie share a brotherly, mutual concern and loyal companionship. There is joy, security, and comfort in their relationship.