Any ideas for simultaneous lineage tracing of two subpopulations in the epithelium of a gland? Thanking you in advance!

Expert Answers
bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This sounds like a really difficult question, but not really.  Epithelial cells are cells that make up the lining of different structures within the body, glands included.  There are epithelial cells in your mouth, throughout the digestive tract, your skin, and all the glands constituting the endocrine system.  All these epithelial cells have nuclei, from which DNA may be extracted.

When conducting a DNA test, it is important to understand the results will be useful to link your relationship to certain people in terms of shared DNA.  The test will not be able to construct your whole ancestral background.  It can point you in the right direction to begin looking for ancestors. 

In terms of subpopulations, those would be people who lived in the same city or country.  That is basically what ancestral searches do, establish where a person's ancestors came from, and is usually specific to a city in a country.  As the lineage develops, the likelihood of several subpopulations will come into focus.  It is at that time one chooses to pursue the subpopulation or not.  Detailed information must be kept, otherwise it all starts to become overwhelming in terms of directional flow.