Any ideas on the narrative essay topic "Lost"? Hi everyone! This is my first time using enotes. I am assigned to write a narrative on the topic "Lost". Does anyone have any suggestions for this topic? Thanks a lot! :D

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There was an old movie that dealt with a man's loss of memory.  He had been injured in World War II and suffered amnesia.  Consequently, he started his life over in a town where he knew no one and no one knew him.  However, he has occasion to meet a woman there who had also moved.  Coincidentally, she is his wife, but, of course, he does not recognize her.  Since she has been told that he has been missing in action by the government of her country, the woman, too, is amazed that he is alive. (She moved to restart her life, as well.)

The rest of the plot is the woman's efforts to care for him and find something that will bring him to realize his true identity.  Finally, she finds something and he is no longer "lost."

Perhaps, then, you could write a narrative that involves someone who has lost his/her memory temporarily, but the love he/she has for another person brings the person out of his/her lost state and restores memory.

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I am assuming that the narrative needs to tell the story of a time you felt lost or were lost. A narrative is an essay which tells a story of a personal experience in an emotional way. The essay needs to resemble a short story in regards to the components: introduction (people involved, setting, and plot), rising action (what led to the climax), climax, falling action, and conclusion. The essay needs to follow the events of the story chronologically.

So, think of a time in your life where you felt lost. Who was involved in this time in your life, what preceded the event, what are the details of the event, and what was the outcome of the event? This is what you will include in the essay.

Suggestions for the topic: a time where you physically lost your way, or a time when you felt like you were lost (new school, new place to live, loss of identity).

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