Any ideas on a good quality literature book to do a review on? I'm not sure what book to do a review on.

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are literally thousands of books you can review which fall into the category "good quality literature".  The key to choosing a book is to find something in your area of interest and is within your reading level.  I'm glad to offer some suggestions.  Another area to consider is critiques of the work.  You should narrow your focus to books with critiques in reputable sources that you can reference in your own work.

Middle School Level

It's Like This, Cat (1963), Emily Neville.  This Newberry Medal award winner is a wonderful story about a boy in New York City finding and caring a stray cat, aptly named Cat.  It is an easy read with depth to the story many children can relate to.

High School Level

Starship Troopers (1959), Robert Heinlein.  The book is military science fiction based on future war between humans and bugs.  However, Heinlein also focuses on the philosophy of combat, waging war and human nature.  His commentary on social equality is relevant now as it was when first written.  The story is fun, but there are many themes to the story which run deeper than the story premise.

College Level

1984 (1949), George Orwell.  An American classic the novel is accessible to high school students, but maturity at the collegiate level will open the intricacies of the political commentary to the reader.  The dystopian universe portrayed challenges the reader to evaluate how they perceive the world.

Graduate Level

The Selfish Gene (1976), Richard Dawkins.  By far the most dense read, the book coins the term "meme" and describes the sociological reasons theme travel throughout culture.  It is a perfect book during the internet explosion witnessed in the last ten years. 

The books posted are classic in literature, well read, reviewed and critiqued making them easy to review.  A simple internet search will reveal many other reviews providing you the opportunity to get help on difficult passages, but you can also include their critiques in your own work should your opinion differ.