William Bradford

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What is an essay idea describing the different hopes of William Bradford compared to Thomas Morton?

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William Bradford was a staunch Puritan Separatist and among his hopes was the aspiration for a community that was separate from English religious intervention and uncontaminated by what was thought of as primitive and pagan Native American beliefs and ways. While he recognized the value of friendships with nearby tribes, he believed in the spiritual puity through the hard doctrinal position of the Separatists.

Thomas Morton was a Christian who had a liberal perspective on spiritual behavior, first, because he was raised in devonshire, which was isolated from more populace England and relied heavily of folk and nature lore, and, second, because he was a liberally educated lawyer who liked a good Shakespearean revelry or two. His hope in the American colonies was for a community in which the culture and civilization of Native Americans was respected and embraced and in which all individuals were recognized and treated as free people.

An essay comparing the hopes of Bradford and Morton might examine the differences between how Bradford's Puritan colony lived out the idea of being "free" people and how Morton's community lived it out. The differences should be interesting and can be found in matters of daily life.

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