Any ideas for an argumentative thesis statement for a 8–10 page paper on forced labor trafficking? I need to persuade the reader to take action to solve the problem through a nonprofit...

Any ideas for an argumentative thesis statement for a 8–10 page paper on forced labor trafficking? I need to persuade the reader to take action to solve the problem through a nonprofit organization. I came up with the following: forced labor has been overlooked and needs to be addressed through widespread awareness, prosecution of violaters, and support of victims.

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teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You have a few interesting options in terms of an argumentative thesis statement. From what I can see, you want to persuade your readers that a particular nonprofit organization (or organizations) can solve the problem of forced labor trafficking.

In your essay, it would be a good idea to name the nonprofit organizations you have in mind. Or, if you prefer, you could provide a general thesis statement and then name a few nonprofit organizations that have delivered results in the fight to eradicate labor trafficking. Here are two options for a good thesis statement:

1) Because they are led by concerned citizens, NGOs are our best line of defense against forced labor trafficking.

This thesis statement clearly states why NGOs are crucial to the mission of eradicating labor trafficking. Remember to define what NGOs are in your essay. Basically, they are nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations made up of citizen volunteers. These volunteers are focused on raising public awareness about global human rights issues and on encouraging political participation to right persistent abuses.

2) Here is a variant on (1): Through their efforts in raising public awareness, NGOs are spearheading the fight against forced labor trafficking.

Of course, the above are only suggestions. Tweak them to align with your preferences and goals. Here is a suggestion for an essay outline:

1) Make sure to include your thesis statement in the first paragraph. Some students like to begin their essays with statistics. Try to choose statistics that show how forced labor trafficking has grown on a global basis. Include information about where trafficking is most prevalent. Perhaps you can also include statistics about the types of forced labor trafficking and the industries that are most susceptible to this type of human rights abuse. Then, segue into a mention of NGOs, and list at least three ways they are best equipped to push back against the rise in forced labor trafficking. Last but not least, include your thesis statement.

2) In your second paragraph, discuss the first of three (or more) ways NGOs can make a difference. From link (c) below, choose one way NGOs are making a difference, and discuss it. For examples, use links (a) and (b). Then, for each succeeding paragraph, discuss another main idea that supports your thesis.

3) Finally, use your last paragraph to briefly address some misconceptions or counterarguments about NGOs. Then, you can conclude by reiterating the importance of NGOs and the necessity of joining or even supporting (financially) the work of these organizations.

Here are some links that may prove useful to you as you work on your essay:

a) Important global NGOs

b) More NGOs against human trafficking.

The first link lists a number of important NGOs that are arrayed against forced labor trafficking. Ones you may be interested in include Anti-trafficking Review, Paragon Team, Shared Hope International, Alliance To End Slavery and Trafficking (ATEST), and Made In A Free World. An example of an American NGO against trafficking is Restore NYC, while a global example is Rescue Foundation. If your readers are wondering whether the average citizen can make a difference, point them to Truckers Against Trafficking.

c) Value of Non-Governmental Organizations in Countering Human Trafficking

This is an important link that discusses what NGOs actually do and how they are making a difference through their advocacy, public awareness, and lobbying campaigns.

Last but not least, good luck on your essay!