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Any idea about how to implement national  Technology Standards for teachers and students in the Elm/Midd school classroom?

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The National Technology Standards for teachers and students in general are more geared towards the integration of 21st century teaching practices rather than in the knowledge of programs as it is. Why is this? Because, according to the 21st century teaching paradigm, problem solving (across the curriculum), socialization skills, and the ease to adapt to change are imperatives that surpass the need to memorize the use of a program that is likely to be obsolete in less than 2 years.

This being said, the best way to implement the (ever changing) technology standards for teachers and students is to target life/learning skills that are useful for many years to come. An example of these skills include: Research skills, the maneuver of online dictionaries and thesauri, investigative inquiry, inference skills, extended meaning skills, association skills, and the building of schema.

Once these skills are mastered, no matter what new program or software, or operating system comes to the market, the students will be able to attempt them.

If, instead, we insist on learning ONE current program and isolate its use from other skills we would just be reducing ourselves to an utilitarian use of technology instead of a lifelong experience with it.

Hence, keep on teaching the basic skills of problem solving and integrate technology as a way to do so: Teach the kids how to unfreeze computers, how to map printers, how to use other sources rather than the usual Google/Yahoo/AOL to research, and you will see that their mentalities will expand to bigger horizons than those provided by the technology marketing industries.

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