Any good ideas for the following thesis statement? I have a comparison Essay Exam on Monday on The Crucible and 1984.Here is the thesis statement. "When those in power abuse their authority,...

Any good ideas for the following thesis statement? I have a comparison Essay Exam on Monday on The Crucible and 1984.

Here is the thesis statement.

"When those in power abuse their authority, individuals must take action to fight injustice"

I need to have three arguments prepared but I only have to build on one. I am using the SEEC paragraph form for a comparison essay. I really need some help as I am terrible at writing these things.

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gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The protagonists in both works must challenge the authoritative, oppressive institutions in their respective societies in order to fight injustice. John Proctor and Winston Smith are two leading characters, who risk their lives challenging those in power. John Proctor denounces the witch trials and claims that Salem's court is corrupt in The Crucible. Deputy Governor Danforth leads the oppressive, corrupt authorities in Salem and is supported by various high-ranking members of the community like Reverend Parris, Judge Hathorne, and Thomas Putnam. John Proctor knows that the courts are arresting and hanging innocent citizens as a result of the overwhelming hysteria. However, Salem's leading officials rebuke and punish Proctor by claiming that he is attempting to overthrow the court. Unfortunately, John Proctor loses his life challenging injustice and attempting to free innocent citizens.

Similarly, Winston Smith conducts a secret affair with Julia and attempts to join the Brotherhood, which is an organization created to undermine Big Brother. Throughout 1984, the Party controls the entire population of Oceania by suppressing emotions, manipulating the citizens, and physically dominating anyone attempting to challenge the authoritative regime. Winston Smith is sick of living in fear and wishes to enjoy a free, independent life far away from Oceania and its dystopian society. Winston Smith attempts to alter the present state of affairs in Oceania for future generations by challenging Big Brother. Unfortunately, Winston Smith is arrested and tortured to the point that he becomes a genuine supporter of the Party.

carolkaz34 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First, you have a great start to your thesis, but it needs to be expanded to include a bit more detail. Follow up this sentence with one that gives details about the individuals taking action in both the play and novel and explains your thesis.  You can do this in the rest of your introduction to form a solid base for your essay.

You have a great start with this idea because both the play and novel have characters who abuse their authority; certainly O’Brien in 1984 and Thomas Putnam in The Crucible.  O’Brien abuses the trust and authority he has over Winston when he brings him into the Inner Party and gives him Goldstein’s book, thereby trapping him and setting him up to be caught by the Thought Police.  Thomas Putnam is one of the characters in The Crucible who abuses his power; remember that his name is, historically speaking, on the death warrants of many of those who were accused.  He gained much land and therefore power when these people were put to death.

Hope that helps!

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