Any easiest way to make online money? who can explain in best way that how some one can earn money in life to get aims in life? plz elaborate ur answer with reference to online bussiness. and if some one like to teach online what is the best way to teach or to get students ?

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There is no magic pill. Online work is available and can be a money maker, but it is VERY competitive and not as stable as a "regular job". If you are willing to branch out and and use your skills in different ways, you will likely find somthings, but most work is by contract and is often not high paying.

As for teaching online, it is out there, but as mentioned above, it requires credentials and experiance in the same way tradtional teaching positions do. In addition it is NOT easier or less time consuming that traditional teaching positions, just very different. As for money, that seems to vary as I have not had the same experience with it being less, as the poster above mentioned.

The best way is to create a well written resume detailing your experience and skills then start looking (google is how I started) for job posting that may match your experience and needs. If you want to write, look for that, if you want to teach or train, look for that. You will quickly find some good sites that cull through the internet to collect posting in a particular job area. You have to judge for yourself though what you are looking for and what sites are most useful to you.

The reality is, if you are looking to make some big quick money online, think again.

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I agree with post 2 but I would also add that most online programs do not pay as well as their counterparts.  You might find an online teaching position through an online university or educational service.  However, you will certainly need the same credentials as a classroom teacher and you aren't likely to make as much money (at least, that's been my experience).  There are plenty of advertisements for online businesses, but many of those aren't what they seem to be.

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Generally speaking, if an online moneymaking scheme seems too good to be true, it probably is. There are many legitimate online business enterprises, though, but they require just as much work as anything else. As for education, most online teaching programs require similar credentials as classroom teaching. 

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