Any community service ideas?it has to be a lot of them thanks.

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The best community service is really the cause that matters most to you. Stop to think about where your heart is. The service will mean more to you if you follow your heart. If you love animals, volunteer at an animal shelter. If your favorite person is your elderly grandmother, spend some time at a nursing home. Everyone will get more out of the project.
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I can't tell if this is a question for one or for a group, but my experience is working on these kinds of things with groups.  I hope this meets your needs.

How about cleaning up a local park, a campground, or other community or public area.  Often the city parks and rec will provide supplies or have specific needs you could meet.

Raking leaves and helping with yard work for elderly, disabled, or handicapped people in the neighborhood.

Lots of possibilities, as mentioned, if you have any kind of nursing home or adult living facility.  A quick phone call to leave your name with the right person will almost always get you an opportunity to serve.

Providing a meal or treats or service for local law enforcement or fire and rescue teams.  (We do this at the holidays, but they always appreciate home-cooked treats.)

Thanks so much for being willing to serve!


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Students at my school are required to do community service.  Of course, what they end up doing is following their interests, as has been recommended to you in previous posts.  But I might give  you a few ideas:

(1) environmental--create or participate in a recycling program at your school, volunteer for a national park or community clean-up, volunteer for a garden club

(2) sports--become an assistant coach for a children's soccer, baseball team or you might consider giving lessons to a children who could not afford them

(3) aging--volunteer at a nursing home; you might get a group together to sing, read to, or just converse with the elderly.

These hopefully will give you a few more idea.


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I think your decision should be based on your personal interests and talents. If you are passionate about animals then you may want to pursue volunteering in an animal shelter. If you are passionate about the homeless then perhaps a soup kitchen would be a good choice. There are many places where you can volunteer. Just pick something that interests you.
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My advice to students is always to choose something you think you'd be interested in doing in the future.  It is always good to start your experience as early as possible - not necessarily for resume boosting, but more so that you know what you like and don't like.  Plus, it doesn't hurt to have experience in the field in which you end up.

This makes the world of possibilities almost endless, but consider:

Teacher: volunteer at church nursery, VBS, day camps or over-night camps in the summer, YMCA programs, etc.

Medical: candy-striper (I'm sure there's a more technical name for these now) or other work at a hospital

Animals: work for a vet or at the humane society or pound

The world of possibilities is almost endless when it comes to "unpaid internships."  This is where you solicit yourself for free work, in exchange for experience.  The best way to do this is to network through adults you have a relationship with, but of course, the more you do, the easier it is to do more.

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Wow, there are hundreds of possibilities.  I see you live in Ann Arbor, Michigan, so a quick search of the internet turns up some possibilities in your area.  There are many organizations in your area who do nothing but community service, such as the United Way and other charities, so volunteering your time to work with them is one way.  I've included a link to a list of sites in your city below for you to look through.

The Kiwanis Club is an adult organization dedicated completely to community service.  They are located at 200 South First Street in Ann Arbor and have 162 members.  Incidentally, Key Club is found in most high schools, and is the youth version of Kiwanis and the two organizations are joined.

I also included a link below to the Ann Arbor City Guide of community services, which lists over a dozen more possibilities. The first list is more religious organizations, and the second one non-religious.  Good luck!

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There are many different ideas for community service projects that can be pursued.  The simplest answer would for you to examine what is in your neighborhood that needs to be done.  Finding it and working on it will constitute community service.  In terms of actual things that can be done, I think that much would depend on where you are and if these opportunities are available in your area.  Volunteering at a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen would be one particular avenue that can be pursued.  Additionally, volunteering at an retirement community and/ or a grade school helping kids read or working with teachers could be another avenue.  Environmentally, helping your community with a recycling initiative or taking a section of a highway or interstate and cleaning would also be community service opportunities.  If a local stray animal shelter needs volunteers, that's another community service idea.

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