Any comments on the cover of the book that features the two boys sitting between the fence? The answer needs to be 15 or so lines long.

janeleader | Student

The focus of the two boys supports the idea that not all will be well in this tale because their lives are separated by the fence. They are however facing each other suggesting friendship. The fence allows the idea of a mirror image whilst the barbed wire on the fence suggests a distortion to normal life. The mirror image therefore is not as it should be and the two boys do in fact lead very separate lives. There can be no dispute that the size of the fence in this picture is important. The fence dominates the picture because it represents the oppression and segregation that occurs in this novel. The very structure of the fence supportssome of the wording of the title - the stripes of the pyjamas - the stripes that can be seen in barbed wire fences.The colour used in this cover suggests a sadness - a coldness - a blue that is clear but not a clear enough sky to support the idea that all will be well. The distant idea of the buildings on one side and the open country on the other are long distant views that are representative of the two sides of the fence -a form of freedom and a form of imprisonment. The long shot of the boys is intentional; therefore the fence becomes the key figure.

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