Antigone was a stubborn young woman. What are at least three choices Antigone could have made to avoid her tragic death. Details/examples to develop each point.  

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The simple answer is to back down.  In the end, this is what Antigone could have done in a variety of situations and circumstances.  Antigone could have adhered to the rule of law, as represented by Creon.  She could have made peace internally with the idea that the law is there for a reason.  Perhaps, a permutation could have been to mourn privately and acknowledge her brother's spirit without the need for a ceremony.  Antigone is insistent that there is a public display of grief and honor for her brother.  Yet, if this is transmitted privately, much of what happens could have been avoided.  At the same time, if Antigone had placed a primacy on her relationship with Haemon, perhaps much of what happened could be avoided.  She values the need to bury her brother more than her love with her fiancee.  Antigone has more of a commitment to her past than her future with her fiancee.  Changing this perspective could have been another choice made.  Finally, I think that understanding that her sister has an equally valid claim and acknowledging that could have been another choice Antigone could have made.  The way Antigone approaches Ismene is that she has cornered the market on respecting her brother's wishes.  I think that understanding and validating Ismene's approach to the funeral rites of her brother could have helped to avert what happened.  All of these predicaments involve Antigone reducing the intensity in a situation fraught with it.