Assess if you agree with the idea that Antigone's character poses many contradictory facts.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don't necessarily see Antigone as posing many contradictory facts.  She is fairly singular in her focus on burying her brother and in defying Creon's law.  Antigone does not waver in her commitment to both.  I think that she is really focused in the defense of what she sees as justice.  There is little contradiction in what she presents and the facts she uses to present them.

Contradiction is present in what Antigone represents.  She herself presents contradiction to the Status Quo.  While Antigone is not filled with it, there is a sense of contradiction in what she offers to Creon.  The construction of justice is one in which Antigone and Creon suggest contradictory notions.  There is "the law" that Creon embodies and a contradictory notion of a "higher law" that Antigone embodies.  It is in this collision where contradiction is evident.  Antigone finds bringing this contradiction as acceptable as she is clear in her desire to make Creon's perceived unjust law as a public example.  There is little in way of contradiction in the presenting of her case.  The contradiction she poses lies in how justice is perceived.