In Antigone, by Sophocles, who is the protagonist? Creon or Antigone? please explain why ? and what is the theme of this tragedy ?

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I see Antigone as the protagonist and Creon as her antagonist. The play presents a conflict: Antigone and the rest of Thebes have been told that those who fight against them in battle will not be given a proper burial. Nonetheless, when one of Antigone's brothers dies fighting for the other side, her familial and moral duty tell her she should bury him anyway. She sees Creon's law as unjust. This is a matter of opinion, but I believe Sophocles presents the characters in a way that makes most readers sympathize with Antigone. Since most of us will take her side, I would call her the protagonist. The antagonist would be the character she is pitted against in the conflict, and that is Creon.

A related theme of the play is how justice is defined. Another way to put this is that the play raises the question of whether legal justice and moral justice are always the same, and when one feels there is a discrepancy, whether one has the right or the justification to break the law. Although Antigone suffers...

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