Are the anti-bullying strategies used by schools successful? I need help generating a thesis statement.

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Creating a good thesis statement is important, as a thesis shapes your entire essay. A thesis statement is the groundwork for the path your writing will take, so it is important to make sure your statement is clear and it directly addresses the topic or standpoint you choose. You must first decide which point you intend to argue. Do you believe anti-bullying strategies in schools are effective, or not? You must then be specific in your statement: is your thesis statement something one could argue against? Be sure you aren't just summarizing the given topic. For example:

Anti-bullying strategies used by schools are effective in deterring bullying issues by creating student awareness of potential problems and providing effective strategies that students can use to help themselves or others in a bullying situation.

Be sure your thesis doesn't leave the reader asking "how" or "why"—if it does, your thesis may be too vague.

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A strong thesis statement contains two parts:  and assertion of about your topic and supporting subpoints.  You could take your topic in two different directions.  One is write in favor of anti-bullying strategies and create corresponding subpoints for your body paragraphs that support your opinion. 

For example:  Anti-bullying strategies positively impact student behavior on school campuses by creating student awareness of the causes and effects of bullying as well as providing interventions for at-risk students.

Or you could write against anti-bullying strategies and their ineffectiveness.  Your subpoints could address why the anti-bullying strategies do not work. 

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