Is Anthills of the Savannah releated with colonialism?

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Anthills of the Savannah is definitely related to colonialism—as are most of Chinua Achebe's works. Since the novel is set in a fictional, westernized African country that is postcolonial, Anthills of the Savannah focuses on the impact of colonialism on a country after the colonizers have left.

Kangan is the fictional country where Anthills of the Savannah takes place. To understand Kangan, a reader must understand how colonization happened in Africa. European colonialism had a massive effect on modern African countries. In fact, the official languages used in some African countries come from the colonizing countries in many cases. The colonizers' social customs, political customs, and often corruption were passed on when they took over these countries—and those corruptions were exacerbated when they abruptly withdrew.

Achebe attempts to address what happens after the withdrawal in Anthills of the Savannah by focusing on three people in Kangan who all have interactions with the...

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