In Anthem, explain what Liberty 5-3000 meant by the following line, "You are not one of our brothers, Equality 7-2521, for we do not wish you to be."

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In a charged moment in the novella, Equality 7-2521 breaks the rules of his society to tell Liberty 5-3000, a young woman he privately names the Golden One, that she is beautiful. In saying this, he is setting her apart as different from other people and communicating that he feels a special preference for her.

Liberty 5-3000's eyes show "triumph" when Equality 7-2521 says this to her. She then tells him he is "not one of our brothers, for we do not wish you to be." What she means is that she perceives he is different from the other males she knows. She wants to acknowledge and appreciate this fact. She does not "wish" him to be like everyone else, and she does not wish to pretend or treat him as if he is. The two recognize that they are special and don't belong in their society, where nobody is allowed to be an individual.

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The moment Liberty saw Equality working on the road as a street sweeper while she sowed seeds in a nearby field, she knew he was different.  Their immediate chemistry and apparent “love at first sight” showed both of them that they were special and above their brothers and sisters of the society.  Liberty wanted Equality to be different, a sin in the society that insists that everyone be the same.  Like Equality, she is curious and knows deep down inside herself that the society in which she lives oppresses its people.  In her heart, she is seeking someone who is decidedly different, and that is why she runs away to the Uncharted Forest to find Equality and a different life. 

Liberty is breaking the law and committing a sin against the society by showing preference for Equality.  Liberty intuitively knows that Equality is unlike his brothers, and it is his charisma that draws her to him.  Liberty wouldn’t want Equality any other way, and it is the desire for each to find someone special that brings them together.

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